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兔女郎行生日派對 + 加盟輝皇娛樂

This Year's Bday party is very special for me, besides having the most number of people in all my previous bday parties (90 people), it's also the day I join my new artists management company - AGE.  My boss, colleagues, and company's artists Renee, Miyoko, and N'gine (band), all came to celebrate my party :) Everyone in the party dressed up as a bunny, it's amazingly fun!!!! Thanks for everyone who came to celebrate me and my twin sister's bday ^^
Love you all! 

Miyojo ( E Cup Baby), me an Renee

Company group pic ^^

RX and N'gine and me 

Artists group pic from AGE

Here are some News Coverage of my Party 

apple daily

Sing Pao News

陳鈺芸生日 化身惹火兔女

  今年唱作女新人陳鈺芸(JuJu)日前化身性感粉紅兔女郎舉行生日派對,除慶祝生日外,還順道宣布加盟輝皇娛樂,成為李蘊、劉欣宜的師妹,會上,師兄紛紛向JuJu送上鮮花,而她的Fans則送數箱紅酒和戒指。整晚JuJu玩得很開心,更在席上跳起舞來,說:「好開心今晚同咁多朋友、Fans為我慶祝生日,多謝大家咁錫我,頭先切生日蛋糕,佢哋夾好咗隻Hip Hop生日歌,感動到我眼濕濕。」







"Heroes2環保新星大作戰” 總決賽

新聞稿 3/10/2010






環保組織Heroes2舉辦的 "Heroes2環保新星大作戰2010” 今午(3)於西九龍中心完滿舉行33環保新星順利誕生總決賽誠邀多位星級評判坐鎮,包括著名電影導演司徒永華唱作歌手及音樂監製鄺祖德、藝人梁慧恩韓君婷歌手羽翹,評審參賽者的表演才、形像及環保知識。


Heroes2大使JuJu (陳鈺芸) 除夥拍藝人王賢誌為熱哄全城的"Heroes2環保新星大作戰總決賽擔任司儀,更首度登台公開獻唱處女作,演繹其親自作曲的環保歌《綠色開始「我今日獻出左我嘅第一次呀!頭先好緊張架,不過觀眾反應咁好先淡定dJuJu




Heroes2 新星將會成為保護環境形象大使,由JuJu帶領擔任Heroes2 TV的主持,並透過不同的媒體宣傳及表演,運用他們的天份將環保信息融入不同活動中,完成各個環保任務,開展銀色旅途之餘,亦為環保出一分力。


(左起)鄺祖德梁慧恩韓君婷  王賢誌 力撐JuJu (2) 齊為出力。


JuJu (首次夥拍王賢誌 "Heroes2環保新星大作戰” 總決賽擔任司儀 







Heroes2作為年輕的社會企業,Heroes2 成員活躍於家庭,學校和社區,率先採用環保做法,積極建立可持續的未來。希望團結時下大眾的力量不斷的回應各種環境威脅。我們將會透過生產低碳產品及出售,將所得收入會用於各類環境教育、社區工作以及植樹項目中。 每售出的Heroes 2一件產品,就會種植一棵樹苗,將商品銷售得到的利潤直接投資在植樹和其他環境項目令大家可以取於自然、用於自然,再回饋自然,同時為環境出一分力。

Heroes2Hero2 TV網頁http://www.heroestoo.com  

Heroes2環保新星大作戰網頁: http://stars.heroestoo.com


Private i Hair Show Sept 29

Invited by my hair sponsor Private i to be one of the artist model in their Essential Looks 2010 show today (9/30). The show starts at 7:30pm in Festival Walk.

Call time for me today is 3pm. It was a really busy day for me, as I was working on another project right before my call time. 

Arrived Festival Walk Private i at 3pm and start working on my hair by my hair stylist Ling @ Private i (IFC) right away. After 10 mins, my head already started dipping... ya coz only slept 3 hours last night... same thing as doing my make up... haha my  makeup artist had a hard time drawing my eyeliner :p coz my head keep dipping... really felt so sleep at that time... 

But luckily, after I got my make up and hair ready, I kindda regain some energy. So after all, it is a good show!

It was nice seeing many artist supporting the show and involved in the show!
Other artist models include Vincent Kok, Amanda Lee, Mango Wong, etc. 
Supporting artists include: Fala Chen, Coco Chiang, etc
private i 

Return to my normal hair after the show :p Goodnight !

Book Signing @ Hong Kong Book Fair

Haven't updated my blog for a while, finally have some time to update what I've been drafted to publish days ago haha...

Last week was a big week for me becoz it's my 1st time having a book signing and a book launch press conference at the Hong Kong Book Fair at the Hong Kong Convention Center.
The week went by very fast and fulfilling. There were just so many touching moments that I truly felt from all my family, friends, publisher, and supporters. I really want to say thank to everyone who has been loving, supporting, helping, and cheering for me throughout the weeks and months for the publishing of my 1st book. 
The Hong Kong Book Fair is now over for a week, and my book is now available for purchase in all major book stores in HK and online @ yesasia and openbook.net
Here are some photos from my book fair events:
2010.07.22 (Thurs) 11:00-11:45 新書發佈會 - 展覽廳3E「年青人天地」活動區
Press Conference - Hall 3E Activity Room
Big thanks to the kids from the mentorship program come supporting my book launch. 
Bringing the kids I mentoring to different booths @ the book fair 

2010.07.22 (Thur) 19:00-20:00 簽名會 - 展覽廳1B (皇冠出版社 1B-B16 攤位)
1st Book signing - Hall 1B Crown Publishing Booth B16 
Hair by Ling Chow @ Private i
Dress by Kanchan
Jewelry sponsored by Fiesta
Supporting each other!  Photo with Writer and Movie Producer LEE,Lik Chi.
Press interview time!

Interview by TVB


 Interview by Sean Lin (TYOP 2006)

香港十大傑出青年(2006) 林景昇 chit chat with 《美麗是活出來的》作者 JuJu Chan 陳鈺芸 @香港書展

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_NBnYvMsug

2010.07.24 (星期六) 20:00-21:00 簽名會 - 展覽廳1B (皇冠出版社 1B-B16 攤位)
2nd Book signing - Hall 1B Crown Publishing Booth B16 
Thanks to Bey coming to support with his Twins ^^

Press and Media

SCMP City Seen 22/7/10

Sun Ent. 23/7/10
Oriental 25/7/10
Sun Ent. 25/7/10

U Magazine 30/7/10

RTHK Radio2 


 書展活動 (地點: 香港會議展覽中心) 
Book Fair Activities (Place: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center)

2010.07.22 (Thurs) 11:00-11:45 新書發佈會 - 展覽廳3E「年青人天地」活動區
Press Conference - Hall 3E Activity Room

2010.07.22 (Thur) 19:00-20:00 簽名會 - 展覽廳1B (皇冠出版社 1B-B16 攤位)
Book signing - Hall 1B Crown Publishing Booth B16 

2010.07.24 (星期六) 20:00-21:00 簽名會 - 展覽廳1B (皇冠出版社 1B-B16 攤位)
Book signing - Hall 1B Crown Publishing Booth B16


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